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Book Reviews
On occasion I read books on computer languages, development methods and Dilbert. My thoughs on these books are at this link.
Mr. Bunny's Guide to Activex 4-Feb-2001
by Carlton, III Egremont
Finally, here is a book that dumbs down the topic so it is understandable even to a piece of shoe leather. Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX begins with the basic building block of all computer software: the pixel.

The Dilbert Principle : A Cubicle's Eye View of Bosses, Meetings, Management Fads, & Other Workplace Afflictions 10-Aug-2000
By Scott Adams
A no-holds-barred attack on management fads, large organizations, pointless bureaucracy and sadistic rule-makers who glory in control of office supplies.

WritingSolidCode.asp 17-Jun-2000
By Steve Maguire
Super secrets for developing bug-free C programs. Examples of how bugs are caught at Microsoft and shows how readers can use these proven programming techniques to get products to market faster.

CodeComplete.asp 23-May-2000
By Steve McConnell
Code Complete is packed with code samples demonstrating good and bad programming practices and checklists that you can use to vet your own work.

RapidDevelopment.asp 18-Jan-2000
By Steve McConnell
Written for team leaders, managers, and programmers alike, Rapid Development: Taming Wild Software Schedules is an excellent book on scheduling software development effectively and quickly.

SoftwareProjectSurvival.asp 8-Nov-1999
By Steve McConnell
Targeted at managers, this book provides a blueprint for a successfully managed project.

Dynamics of Software Development 10-Jun-1999
by Jim McCarthy, Denis Gilbert
Shipping great software can be done, insists McCarthy, and charts, in five sections, the progress from initial design to successful product.

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