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Title Mr. Bunny's Guide to Activex
Summary by Carlton, III Egremont
Finally, here is a book that dumbs down the topic so it is understandable even to a piece of shoe leather. Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX begins with the basic building block of all computer software: the pixel.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 4-Feb-2001
Last updated 4-Feb-2001
Page rating   100% for 1 votes Useless Brilliant

What the Amazon reviewer said.

Surely, our society must have passed some technological milestone in order for component software to merit a comic novella. Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX attempts to enlighten the reader about Microsoft's distributed-computing solution without actually explaining the technology, as more gauche programming books frequently do.

This book is funny! To wit (so to speak), an excerpt:

In Visual Basic, you form windows using forms. A form is a window that you form. At first forms are unformed. You must form your forms using the form designer (formerly the former). In the form former, an unformed form forms a uniform formation....

You get the idea. This book is a hoot and a half. The basic idea is that a smarty-pants bespectacled rabbit and a hick farmer travel around together, having metaphorical experiences that (more or less) help explain how ActiveX works. Hey, Mr. Bunny makes about as much sense as any other approach to COM documentation, and he's a lot less pretentious.

Mr. Bunny's Guide to ActiveX will appeal to people who already have a pretty good grasp of what Microsoft's component architecture is all about--and who have realized it's a complicated morass worth a laugh or two. --David Wall

What I thought of the book.

This is a very entertaining book. It is fun to read and with very humorous illustrations. I read this book in a couple of hours and I am a very slow reader.

It is pure developer humour. If you do not work closely with software development this book would be waisted on you. I showed some of the funniest parts to my wife and she did not find it funny at all.

As My Bunny guides Farmer Jake through the inner workings of his computer he suggests ideas like, deleting your registry and recreating it from memory and being careful not to poke your eye out with the mouse pointer.

The book does not cover much about ActiveX, but lets face it, who cares.


A definite must read for any developer looking for a good laugh. A great book for a long or short flight.

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