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Title WritingSolidCode.asp
Summary By Steve Maguire
Super secrets for developing bug-free C programs. Examples of how bugs are caught at Microsoft and shows how readers can use these proven programming techniques to get products to market faster.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 17-Jun-2000
Last updated 17-Jun-2000
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What the Amazon reviewer said.

Any programmer worth their silicon knows that it is wiser to invest time preventing bugs from hatching than to try to exterminate them afterwards. And this is one of the best books for developing a proactive attitude towards electronic entomology. Follow Maguire's advice, and your testers, supervisors and customers will love you. Recommended.

What I thought of the book.

If you write C and want to reduce your bug count then here is a good place to start. The writer spends a huge amount of time discussing memory allocation, leaks and pointers. As this is a major source of errors in C it is an important topic, but I think he went on just a little too long.

The book is a not long to enable you to finish it before losing interest. I found myself using more asserts and verifying pointer types more often after reading this book and think it have made me a better developer.


If you have a habit letting a few errors slip by then you should read this. Also if you review C code of others I would read it. This is a good book on a dull topic.
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