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Title Dynamics of Software Development
Summary by Jim McCarthy, Denis Gilbert
Shipping great software can be done, insists McCarthy, and charts, in five sections, the progress from initial design to successful product.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 10-Jun-1999
Last updated 10-Jun-1999
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What the Amazon reviewer said.

Here is the candid collected wisdom of Jim McCarthy, a software industry veteran and the director of the Microsoft Visual C++ development group. In McCarthy's words, "More people have ascended bodily into heaven than have shipped great software on time"; but shipping great software on time can be done, he insists, and this book tells how. DYNAMICS OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT is divided into five sections that chart the progress from initial design to successful product. Throughout, McCarthy expresses his sometimes-controversial judgments in witty, memorable maxims, one of which has become the title of the book. Destined to be a cult classic, DYNAMICS OF SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT will get a lot of attention in the industry and cause a favorable stir in the press.

What I thought of the book.

This was the first book I read this book when I first became a Team leader for a software projects I was working on. At the time it was all new stuff to me and fitted in with the work I was doing quite well. As a developer before manager, its lack of detail bothered me a little. But after reading many more book of this type since then, I have not come across a book with actual examples of things such as "Defect form" or "Enhancement request forms".

This book is not a detailed guide to the development cycle. It is more a handbook of the merits and pitfalls of making packaged software. I have tried to get may managers to read it on a few occasions, to try and improve there understanding of what really happens in software development.

The book is a good entertaining read. It is not dry and is filled with witty and interesting real life stories. Unlike many engineering books which are written to show how many big words the author knows, this is easy to read. Being divided into 54 concise and interesting sections it makes a good travel companion.


As an entertaining insight into the develop game it is an excellent read.
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