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Title SoftwareProjectSurvival.asp
Summary By Steve McConnell
Targeted at managers, this book provides a blueprint for a successfully managed project.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 8-Nov-1999
Last updated 8-Nov-1999
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What the Amazon reviewer said.

Targeted at managers (from the top of organizations down through technical leads), McConnell's book provides a blueprint for a successfully managed project; the postulated development effort involves "3 to 25 team members and schedules of 3 to 18 months." At 288 pages, the book could be thinner, but it's easy enough to get through. McConnell has an engaging, conversational style, with a tinge of irreverent humor -- both of which make this book easy to approach. He uses little jargon and includes a comprehensive glossary, so nontechies should find it easy enough to follow.

What I thought of the book.

A good book containing plenty of information for a Project Manager or Team Leader to get stuck in and lead a successful project. If you were able to, I would recommend you try to get your superiours to read it also. It is mostly not too technical and may open there eyes a little.

It is just the right length to give an through overview of software development without dragging it out to much. The Survival Checks are very handy and great to jog your memory.


This is a good introduction into Software Project Management. Filled with good examples and handy check list which are very usable.
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