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Win32 API Ideas
Notes on using the Windows Win32 API. This includes such things as Writing to the event log, using wsock32 and Registery events.
A class to communicate via Telnet. 1-Mar-2001
This note provides a class that can be used to establish and communicate with a Telnet server.

Sockets without MFC 5-Dec-2000
This is a Socket class based on the WinSock2 API. It is quite simple to use and uses asynchronous calles to enable smooth program flow. A simple client and server are provided for simple use.

Network resource enumeration 8-Nov-2000
A simple function to enumerate the machines and resources on a network. It recursively expands the network exposing all reachable items.

Registry Events. 12-Oct-2000
Reading the registry repeatedly to detect changes can be slow and gobble up resources. A better solution is to create an event when a change occurs and monitor that event.

Using SHBrowseForFolder. 30-Sep-2000
When the user is required to select a folder or path the SHBrowseForFolder function id a way to do this. This note provides a simple method for using some of its features.

Creating an icon in the tool tray. 29-Sep-2000
How to create an icon and popup menu for your application in the system tool tray.

Single Instance of application 19-Sep-2000
This will show how to create an application that only allows one instance to be launched at any one time.

Writing to the NT event log 19-Sep-2000
To avoid seeing the "Description for Event ID (####) not found" message when writing to the NT event log.

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