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Title Creating an icon in the tool tray.
Summary How to create an icon and popup menu for your application in the system tool tray.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 29-Sep-2000
Last updated 29-Sep-2000
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Download Tool Tray class files - 3 Kb


Placing an icon in the tool tray is quite a simple task and can make it easier for the user to access your application without wasting screen space.

This class is just a light wrapper around the Windows 95 system tray icon notification facility. The constructor requires a CWnd object pointer in order to deliver the user-defined notification message, which must also be provided. It is up to the caller to verify that a valid notification index is provided.

How to setup.

Add the following definition to StdAfx.h and add the two files in the zip file to the project.
#define WM_USER_TOOLTRAY   (WM_USER+1)   //Tool tray message
In the header of the window to recieve messages from the tool tray add the following
#include "TrayNot.h"                     //CToolTray class def.
Define in the private section of the class.
   CTrayNot *m_pTrayNot;            //Access to the tool tray icon
At the end of the message map add out handler.
    afx_msg LONG OnMyTrayNotify( WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam );
Back in the Implementation file for the window, in the Constructor of the window object
   , m_pTrayNot( NULL )
At the end of the message map add our message handler
In the Create or InitDialog functions create the object as follows;
    //Setup the tool tray
    m_pTrayNot = new CTrayNot( this, WM_USER_TOOLTRAY, 
                               _T("My words here") );
Finally add the hendler for the popup menu that is to be displayed. Note the message ID's will need to be created along with the menu suitable for your application.
//  Message to Handle the notification message from the Tray
//  Either show the dialog OR a menu
LONG CDlgAWWStuffer::OnMyTrayNotify( WPARAM wParam, LPARAM lParam )
    TRACE( _T("CDlgAWWStuffer::OnMyTrayNotify( %d, %ld )\n"), 
        wParam, lParam );
    switch ( lParam )nd the 
        //Do nothing
        case WM_LBUTTONDBLCLK:
            MessageBeep( -1 );
        case WM_LBUTTONDOWN:
            MessageBeep( -1 );
        //Activate the pop up menu
        case WM_RBUTTONDOWN:
            //Create the popup menu with mini icons
            CMenu menu;
            VERIFY( menu.CreatePopupMenu() );
            menu.AppendMenu(MF_STRING, ID_FILE_SEARCHFORITEM,    
                _T("Show &Find") );
            menu.AppendMenu(MF_STRING, ID_FILE_SELECTBYCATEGORY, 
                _T("Show &Category") );
            menu.AppendMenu(MF_STRING, ID_APP_REALLY_EXIT,       
                _T("E&xit") );
            //Position and Display
            POINT pt ;
            GetCursorPos ( &pt ) ;


            int nSelection =  menu.TrackPopupMenu (  
                pt.x, pt.y, AfxGetMainWnd(), NULL );


            switch( nSelection )
                case ID_FILE_SEARCHFORITEM:
                case ID_FILE_SELECTBYCATEGORY:
                    //OnSelectView( nSelection );
                case ID_APP_REALLY_EXIT:
    return 0;
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