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Java Ideas
Java is new to me so I have jotted down a few points just to jog my memory. I will include Java and JavaScript in this area.
String Search and Replace 7-Feb-2001
This function probably already exist in one of the standard java librarys, but I cant find it. So here is my replacement.

Access a database from Java. 23-Dec-2000
Use JDBC to access ODBC data held in a MS Access database. This is done using the sun.jdbc.odbc.JdbcOdbcDriver. It demonstrates Read/Write and add operations.

Base for a frame project. 4-Nov-2000
Use this simple code to form the base of a frame project. There is nothing special just the frame and a handler for the close event.

Text file Read/Write 4-Nov-2000
A simple pair of functions to read and write Strings to a file.

Using threads 28-Oct-2000
This note shows how to create and use threads for simple processing. It also touches on synchronisation.

Creating a Singleton 28-Oct-2000
A singleton is a handy to share a resource or data. This is done using a class that only creates one instance of itself.

Introduction to Collections and Arrays 27-Oct-2000
How and when to use collections and arrays.

Simple modal dialog 27-Oct-2000
How to create a simple modal dialog box. Simular to the about box that comes with many applications.

How Polymorphism works. 25-Oct-2000
A simple example of Polymorphism using extends. As usual this is done using the animal sound example.

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