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Title Building a text file into the Executable
Summary How to make a text file available at run time and compiled directly into the executable. This is useful for such things as copyright notices.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 8-Sep-2000
Last updated 8-Sep-2000
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Using LoadString() is convenient but does not suit large documents which can more easily be edited in notepad type editors and kept in separate files to enable better source control.


  • Put the Text file in the project\res directory.
  • Add the Text file to VSS.
  • Add the following line to MyApplication.rc2 (In this example the text file is called JohnsNotes.txt.
    IDTXT_JOHNS_NOTES TEXT res\JohnsNotes.txt
  • Where the text is to be loaded place the following code. Note in this example the text is placed into an exit box called IDC_NOTES.
    //Insert the Licence agreement  
    HINSTANCE hAppRes = AfxGetResourceHandle(); 
    HRSRC hResTemp = ::FindResource( hAppRes, "IDTXT_JOHNS_NOTES", "TEXT" ); 
    HANDLE hTextResource = ::LoadResource( hAppRes, hResTemp ); 
    if( hTextResource ) 
        //Points to  ocked data in memory
        LPSTR lpResData = (LPSTR)::LockResource( hTextResource ); 
        SetDlgItemText( IDC_THE_NOTES, lpResData ); 
        ::FreeResource( hTextResource ); 
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