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Title Advanced Directory and network browsing using a tree control
Summary This is an extension of the article on Browsing my computer and the network using a TreeCtrl. This is also a good example of information on network enumeration.
Contributor Sandor E. Skolnik
Published 23-Jun-2002
Last updated 28-Jun-2002
Page rating   56% for 5 votes Useless Brilliant
 Download Debug exe and source - 67 Kb

Path Picker Dialog Image

This is an extension of the PathPicker control created 2 years ago. It contains the following enhancements.

  • Sort of sub directories
  • Add/Rename/Delete added (via a pop-up menu)
  • Dialog made sizeable (I used "cdxCSizingDialog.h" because the project I am putting it in uses this dialog resizing class. In new projects I use WinMgr of Paul DiLascia.
  • Dialog caption adjustable
  • Root path adjustable
  • Abbreviated path in label
  • Delayed initialization (show the users what is happening). Although it is fun, I don't think I'll turn this option on ever. It freezes the dialog on long browses which I think is just as annoying as watching an hourglass. Therefore this option is off by default.
Comments Date
Can be improved 22-Oct-2002 Philippe Lhoste
- All caps dir names are displayed in lower case. Explorer displays all caps, because I asked it...
- The dialog doesn`t go automatically to the current path (the one in the text box). It always display the executable path, which is useless.
- If I rename `Temp` to `_Temp` (without quotes), it works. If I rename `_Work` to `_Wo_rk`, it complains: `Erroneous folder name. `F:\_Work``. What`s wrong? Note: I don`t have this error on the C: drive. F: is a regular disk partition. I don`t have this problem below the root.

WinNT4 sp5 FAT16 + IE4`s new shell.
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