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Title Building an AVI file into the Executable
Summary How to make a AVI file available at run time and compiled directly into the executable. This is useful for such things as logos.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 8-Sep-2000
Last updated 8-Sep-2000
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Displaying an animation during long operations can stop the user thinking the application has crashed. This is simular to the file moving from folder to folder during a long copy request in windows explorer. 


  • In the IDE add a resource symbol called IDAVI_LOGO.
  • To do this Select View->Resource Symbols¢Î>New.
  • Place the AVI file into the MyApplication\Res directory.
  • Add the AVI file to VSS.
  • Add the following line to MyApplication.rc2 (In this example the AVI file is called LoadCell.
    IDAVI_LOGO  AVI     res\LoadCell.Avi
  • Where the AVI is to be played place the following code. Note in this example the AVI has been created as m_AnimateLogo.
    m_AnimateLogo.Open( IDAVI_LOGO ); 
    m_AnimateLogo.Play( 0, -1, -1 );
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