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Title What this site is made of.
Summary Here you will find a summary of how this site is designed and some information on the objects that go to make up the site. There is also a download containing all the site information, binarys and source.
Contributor John McTainsh
Published 8-Feb-2001
Last updated 8-Feb-2001
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Download source and data for this site ~ 800Kb


Here is the source for this site. It was current on the update for this file update. I will also discussed a little about how the site is designed to function. For descriptions of the classes used see the automatically generated documentation click HERE. (This was generated with an early Beta of Visual Studio.NET so it is not complete. Read the code for better details)

How to get it running.

Here I will discuss how to get the site running.

  • You will need a NT machine running IIS.
  • You must first install the .NET framework. (Maybe even Visual Studio.NET)
  • Extract the ZIP file using the path information imbedded in it.
  • Check WebData.mdb is in the directory C:\Inetpub\Private directory.
  • Save then replace the existing C:\Inetpub\wwwroot files with the files from the ZIP.
  • Use Regsvr32 MctainshCom.dll to register the search engine object.
  • Use the Internet Service Manager to set Default Document to be index.aspx.
  • Use the Internet Service Manager to start the Default Web Site.
  • Open the web browser and enter the path of your machine as the web address.
  • If an error occurs check the NT event log for details.

How the site works.

Global.asax and Global.cs

This page and code are activated every time a new ASPX session is started or a new ASPX page is loaded. Here we catch these two events and record information about the visitor and the pages they view.

Section.aspx, Index.aspx and Section.cs

This is the visible representation of the indexes. All indexes are generated at request time by reading WebData.mdb to get a list of links to display in the index. Also determined here are the totals for each index, the number of new entries and which entries are to appear in the most resent list.

SearchPage.aspx and SearchPage.cs

Here the search request from the index page and the search page is processed. It makes use of a COM object to read the data base and search the files for strings. It also formats the results. At a later date this COM object should be replacedwith c# code.


This class handles most of the operations associated with pages that display coding ideas and turorials. It is important to note that that all page title and summary information is kept databse and added to the top of the page at request time to prevent duplication of information. In general it handles the following;

  • The display of page title information read from the Database.
  • The display and updating of page voting totals.
  • The display and updating of page comments.
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